HiGoing wireless fast charger

HiGoing wireless phone charger

The short story long is that HiGoing wireless fast charger is very good, fast and efficient.

The packaging is very simple and basic, made of simple cardboard, but it does the job. The user manual is short but it communicates everything that is needed, in good English.

The appearance of the charger attempts to represent a natural leather, but being made of hard plastic is more resembles car dashboards from 1990s than a natural material. It is however a matter of personal preference. The look of the charger is well represented by the photographs so there should be no surprises here.

HiGoing wireless fast chargerHiGoing wireless fast charger back







The charger has two rubberized rings at the top and bottom. Top one to prevent sliding the charger itself. The bottom one to prevent moving the phone around on the surface of the charger. This works great, and I am a fan of practical solutions over the cosmetic ones.

HiGoing wireless fast charger

In terms of the efficiency, the manufacturer claims it is a Fast Charger capable of charging the phone in 2-2.5 hours. This would be 1.4x faster than normal wireless chargers. My Samsung Galaxy S6 went from 30% to 100% in just under 2 hours, which means the full charge would be likely to take around 3 hours. A bit off the manufacturers claims, but not bad nonetheless.

I tried charging the phone in a phone case, and it worked well. The user manual claims that the charger can deal with any non-metallic phone cases as long as they are thinner than 3mm.

Naturally in order for the charger to work in the fast charge mode (QC 2.0) it needs to be coupled with a QC 2.0 – 3.0 adapter. Such adapter is not included in the box (the box includes the charger, USB lead and the user manual).

The charger has a transparent edge around it, with LED lights which indicate various things, as explained in the manual. The lights are barely visible in the daylight, but provide a nice glow in the dark. I don’t think this is an essential feature, rather a nice addition.

HiGoing wireless fast charger

HiGoing also claims that this charger has over-voltage, over-temperature and short circuit protection which provide ultimate safety. I don’t have such expertise and wouldn’t know how to check this claim, but this should be considered a big plus if such protection has been incorporated in the device.

Overall, and considering the price, HiGoing wireless fast charger is a very nice charger if you like the textured look. 

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HiGoing wireless fast charger

HiGoing wireless fast charger








        • Fast Charging Performance
        • Decent Price
        • Anti-slip surface
        • Overheating and overcharging protection


        • Plasticky feel
        • Speed of charging will depend on the efficiency of tge plug element of the charger, but this is the case for all wireless chargers
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