InnooCare Aroma Diffuser

InnooCare Aroma Diffuser

“InnooCare Aroma Diffuser is as beautiful as practical…”

I needed an aroma diffuser for so long now, but could not find one that wouldn’t look like either an industrial machine, kitchenware or an bathroom accessory. Until I came across this beauty I was putting the aroma oil in a mug of hot water. This worked only until the water was hot. Also having young children this was an accident waiting to happen.

Let me say that this InnooCare Aroma Diffuser is beautiful. Ok, it is not wooden, but it must be the best imitation of wood I have seen. Aesthetically it is simply beautiful.InnooCare Aroma Diffuser

The InnooCare Aroma Diffuser is very simple to use (see video). Remove both covers, pour 100-150ml of water using the provided measuring jug, add few drops of essential oil and you are ready to go.

There are three buttons:

Mist – turns on the diffuser, and allows selection of the running time 1hr, 2hrs, 3hrs or continuous. Don’t worry it will stop when the water drops below the safety level.

Light – Allows to illuminate the diffuser. It has several colors, and each color appears in two modes, bright or dark.

High/Low – This button supposed to change the intensity of the mist. I cannot tell the difference. Also the manual says that the difference may be marginal. It is even hard to tell which mode you are in. A useless button.

InnooCare Aroma Diffuser

The amount of mist produced and the distribution of the aroma around the room is great, and all this with a very quiet operation. You basically cannot tell that it is on unless come very close to it. I am very impressed.

The InnooCare Aroma Diffuser can be easily cleaned as explained in the user manual.

Summarising, the InnooCare aroma diffuser is as beautiful as practical. a very good aroma diffuser. I would definitely buy again!

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InnooCare Aroma Diffuser

InnooCare Aroma Diffuser







        Ease of Use



          • Appearance
          • Performance
          • Ease of Use


          • Useless High/Low button

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