Our Philosophy

We strongly believe that productBUSTERS are different from all other product review sites. Positively different. And why do we think so?

First:  We are a working family with full time jobs. Therefore we have no financial pressure. We don’t make a living out of product reviews. We do this because we like it. This leads us to the second point;

Second:  We have no commercial obligations neither to you, nor to product manufacturers. We receive many products from retailers and manufacturers, but we also buy many of them ourselves. Regardless of how we got the product, we do not promise anything. If the product is good, we shout about it. Equally, if the product is poor, we BUST it. And we BUST it hard! Does it mean some manufacturers may not like us? It does. We don’t care.

This makes us unbiased;

Third:  We take time and review all the products over a period of time which we consider necessary to evaluate it properly. Whether this is two hours or two months, we are not in a rush. You will hear from us when we finish.

Still not convinced? Have a look at some of our Reviews by yourself.