xtava curling wand review

Xtava Hair Curling Wand Review

“…amazed by the look, quality and efficiency of this £20 Xtava hair curling wand…”

Xtava Hair Curling WandBefore I hand over this Xtava hair curling wand review to Mrs Buster, I must mention how impressed I was by the packaging and the overall feel and look of the product. Not knowing the price I would say it was much more expensive than it actually is.


The outer box is beautiful and looks more like a good champagne than a beauty or hair styling product. Inside the outer box there is a very nice inner box. It is made of thick cardboard, has a nice black matte colour and a magnetic flap cover. The last packaging is a very handy pouch which doubles up as a heat resistant mat.

Xtava Hair Curling Wand

The content also includes a heat resistant glove, and user manual.


The Xtava hair curling wand is made of nice to feel rubberised material and feels very well made, but at the same time lightweight and very comfortable in hand. Again, it feels more expensive than indicated by the price tag.

Xtava Hair Curling Wand


The Xtava hair curling wand has three recommended temperature ranges from delicate thin hair to thick hair, and after plugging the wand and turning it on it reaches the temperature in seconds. The temerature display shows the temperature as it rises. For the highest temperature you need to wait for approx 60sec. After it reaches the desired temperature, it can be further adjusted using the up/down arrows (5deg increments) on the wand.

Xtava Hair Curling Wand
Using the wand is very straight forward and the tapered end allows for creation of either long large waves (the thick end) or very curly springy curls (thin end) if this makes sense 😉 In terms of how to style the hair using this wand, it does not differ from any other curling wands. The quality of the curls will increase with practice but Xtava curling wand can definitely handle whatever you throw at it.

Xtava Hair Curling Wand

The included heat resistant glove really does work and makes the whole experience so much more pleasant, and safe. It may not be the most fashionable, or comfortable to wear, but it does the job, so it is worth using it.


Overall  I was amazed by the look, quality and efficiency of this £20 Xtava hair curling wand. I would happily pay double for it.



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Xtava curling wand

Xtava curling wand










          • Expensive look and feel
          • Temperature display
          • Great performance
          • Heat resistant glove included


          • None

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